About Intern Nate

‘Millennial’ Nate Ibarra comes storming in from the town of Santa Clarita, California.
Formerly employed for 2 years at the age of 18 as a Water Conservation Specialist, Nate since has decided to persue his talents & dreams as an aspiring Writer, Voice Actor & Artist of Film/Music.
Been a ‘Gamer’ since the age of 4 with Spyro The Dragon and Crash Bandicoot for the PlayStation 1. He has owned every home console made from Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo at some point in his life.
His favorite game is a tie between The Last of Us and Kingdom Hearts.
Nate is fairly new to MLB The Show.  Having only played a few games each in The Show 14 & 16, has however made substantial progress in The Show 17 once he figured out the similarities between Baseball Games & turn base JRPG Video Games.
You can find my review of The Power Rangers movie at
StayCoolGeek.com or Google “It’s Millennial Morphin Time”

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